Jaicko — “Oh Yeah”

Akin to Homer’s invocation of the muse in both the Iliad and Odyssey, Jaicko begins by crediting his inspiration for the song to a combination of his own personal attractiveness, some sexy woman he spied on the street, and a sandwich. These things have led him to the idea for the song “Oh Yeah.”

Jaicko has written and recorded the song “Oh Yeah” in order to tell the world that he has written and recorded the song “Oh Yeah.” He has released this song as a radio single. He realizes that the song is annoying, but because it’s catchy he predicts that you will enjoy it despite yourself, and purchase his ringtone.

Although you may be resistant to the song at first, and not want to like the song, eventually you will learn to love it after hearing it on the radio so often. You will even turn up the radio when the song plays, despite your better judgement, and allow your head to bob in time with the music. Jaicko knows it won’t be considered “cool” to like this song, but is confident that the catchiness of “Oh Yeah” will prevail.

“Oh Yeah,” Jaicko feels, will be his claim to fame. Although you may be jealous of his success, you will ultimately accede that it’s a good song and sing along, like millions of others. Jaicko is particularly confident that the song will appeal to Spanish demographics. All told, the song will secure Jaicko’s place in pop history, and impress beautiful women.

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