Snoop Dogg ft. The-Dream — “Gangsta Luv”

Snoop begins the song by exhorting his producer, The-Dream, to abandon production duties and instead sing the song’s hook. Snoop believes that this hook will hold particular appeal for the female gender. The-Dream complies, and in doing so establishes the song’s poetic conceit (an overarching metaphor that will give the song structure). The conceit is that the everyday activities of gangbanging find meaningful parallels in the act of sexual courting — for this reason, gangsters make the best lovers.

Although Snoop might be expected to develop this conceit, instead he more or less abandons it, only making passing reference to gangsters. Instead, he describes himself and his lovemaking abilities by reference to the Marx Brothers. Among the many things he intends to do to his lover is bite her, as a dog might. Snoop then indicates that The-Dream should resume singing.

The-Dream attempts to return to discussing gangsters, and reiterates the metaphorical relationship between gangsters and lovers.

Snoop refers to himself as a gangster, and states that it was during his gang tenure in Long Beach that he learned to properly satisfy a woman sexually. Presumably, this was part of his gang initiation. However, Snoop spends most of the verse describing his lovemaking prowess without reference to gangsters. He reiterates his claim that he intends to bite his beloved, and suggests that he is a vampire. The-Dream is commanded to resume singing.

The-Dream once more attempts to return to the subject of the song. Snoop parries by instead bragging about his lavish lifestyle and sexual prowess. The woman he chooses will benefit from both. Snoop ends by stating that he is also a gangster, by the way, and that The-Dream should sing once more.

The-Dream obeys Snoop, and the song ends with The-Dream reinforcing his claim that the song was, in fact, about “gangsta luv,” despite Snoop’s apparent unwillingness to cooperate.

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