Tupac Shakur ft. George Clinton — “Can’t C Me”

Tupac‘s basic purpose in writing is to taunt his enemies for their inability to favourably compare with him in any meaningful way — Tupac is so superior to his enemies that they effectively (and metaphorically) are unable to see him. George Clinton agrees. Tupac‘s focus is on gang activities and compiling wealth — those who attempt to foil his schemes, however ineffectively, are to be considered his enemies, even if they are unaware that Tupac might consider them such. To be labelled Tupac‘s enemy is a terrible thing — at best, Tupac will emasculate his enemies and reduce them to tears, and at worst he may murder them while their senses are dulled by drug use. As far as his enemies are concerned, Tupac might as well be a monster from the depths of Hell — such is his might.

Tupac implies that this might stems primarily from his willingness to become involved in illegal activities. His own mother worries that he is too heavily involved in gang-related activities (this claim may be independently confirmed), but her concern does not dissuade him. Tupac states that, in addition to being involved in gang activities, he has a successful career as a recording artist. He credits his success as a rapper primarily to his lyrical prowess. The mere release of the album containing this single will result in the death of his enemies.

Tupac then mockingly asks George Clinton where his enemies went, as they ran to hide from him, imitating a popular tagline from a Warner Bros. cartoon.

Tupac reveals that the fatal error of his enemies was to orchestrate the pairing of Tupac and Dr. Dre, creating an unstoppable team. He does not explain how or why his enemies came to make such a horrible mistake. Now that he has successfully teamed up with Dre, his powers are godlike, and he is able to sit in judgement of his enemies. Their attempts to murder him have failed — their bullets missed, perhaps because they were unable to properly view their target while shooting. Tupac defies his enemies, and dares them to try to kill him again. His success was ordained by destiny; they will fail. Tupac has the ability to stare into the hearts of men and discern their hidden motivations.

George Clinton and Tupac repeat that it is not possible, metaphorically and perhaps literally, to “see” Tupac. Tupac then dedicates the song, ironically, to the Notorious B.I.G.

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